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Your medical treatments
in Hungary, from A to Z


Your travel & treatment  

- Contact your Program Manager; 
  after discussion you will get all the necessary information

- Have all your related previous full medical reports ready
- Send these documents to:
  ( to get your FREE treatment plan with price )

- Book a flight to Budapest ( approx. $ 1,000 / return trip, 1 stop ): we are 
  glad to help you !
- Our representative awaits you at the airport and you will be escorted
  to your chosen accomodation
- A discussion with your surgeon, followed by a complete check-up
  ( EKG, blood test, etc. )
- 3rd / 4th day: the operation ( +1 week postoperative clinical stay )
  ( length of stay with rehabilitation: approx. 2-3 weeks )


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