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Your medical treatments
in Hungary, from A to Z





Gabor Bogats M.D., Ph.D



Cardiac specialist professor, head surgeon

Ex-Chairman of the Hungarian
Cardiac Surgeons' Association

Leader of the Cardiac Unit of the Clinic


Special field: Bypass / Valve replacement

Location:       Szeged



Imre Ungi M.D., Ph.D.




Cardiac specialist


Leader of the Invasive Unit of the Clinic


Special field: Cardiac catheterization


Location:       Szeged






Kalman Toth M.D., Ph.D.


Orthopaedic specialist professor, head surgeon


Leader of the Orthopaedic Unit of the Clinic

Special field: Knee & Hip replacement


Location:       Szeged





Lajos Patonay M.D., Ph. D.




Dental specialist, implantologist


Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology

Special field: Implantology

Location:       Budapest








PLASTIC SURGERY             


Zsolt Laszlo M.D., Ph. D.




Plastic surgeon, plastic surgery specialist

Member of the Hungarian
Plastic Surgeons' Association


Special field: Breast implants & nose correction

Location:       Budapest





Alfred Traub M.D., Ph. D.



Plastic / skin surgeon, plastic surgery specialist

Chairman of the Hungarian Plastic
Surgeons' Association ( MPHEST )


Special field: Breast implants

Location:       Budapest





          ( by laser )


                         Laser Center Focus M.


A laser clinic specialized on vision correction

Special field: Vision correction by laser

Location:       Budapest


Imola Ratkay M.D., Ph. D.







Ophthalmology specialist

Ophthalmology head surgeon   

Special field: Vision correction by laser, ophthalmology

Location:       Budapest






Andras Berta M.D., Ph. D.



Ophthalmology professor

Director of the Eye Clinic


Special field: Ophthalmology, vision disorders

Location:       Debrecen









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