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BUDAPEST is just waiting to be explored !

Budapest is offering a wide selection of programs, throughout the whole year.
Everybody can find something special for their own taste and this bubbly big city really makes sure You leave with a wonderful experience !


Available programs:     

Sightseeing bus tour ( hop on / hop off )

Visiting Vienna ( Austria )

Wine tasting in Eger

Dinner / lunch & cruise with live music

Wine / Palinka tasting

Busride into the Danube:   - Video

Driving a Trabant ( a special German oldtimer car )

Relaxing and healing in the Gellert thermal spa

Visiting the old Jewish quarter ( synagogue )

Visiting the Parliament

Visiting the Castle

Horse race

Visiting a traditional horse show at the Puszta

7-days river cruises to many European countries ( special )



 Video: Budapest - The Sights





We work only with professional tour guides:


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SZEGED: a lovely city
( for cardiac / orthopaedic clients )

In case of cardiac or orthopaedic surgeries, we also arrange programs for family members / accompany of clients ( if any ), during the clients' clinical stay. Of course, during this period ( 2-3 weeks ), we can also arrange medical treatments for them too, if requested ( dental work, plastic surgeries, eye surgeries or any - no waiting time ), using their time also efficient and saving them money during their stay, make their trip memorable and taking it as an investment in themselves - not only as a vacation.
We also provide accomodation next to the clinic, in a 4-star wellness hotel to recuperate and relax.

                                Any wishes related to your trip, we fulfill them !



"The joy of health and beauty… and the World smiles with You"

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